Jackie B, ex-housemate of the sixth season of Big Brother Naija, went into the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ house and left without making any fuss about the political and social status of Grace Folashade Bent, her mother, who is also a former senator. The 29-year-old interior designer’s stint on the show was characterised by careful and meticulous behaviour. She would always tell the housemates how she couldn’t do certain things because “my son may be watching”. During her time in the house, she portrayed class, a high level of conscientiousness, and was involved in a few spats.  In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle’s KUNLE DARAMOLA, Jackie B talks about her motive for going on the show, her mother’s status as a public figure, and her relationship with Michael.


How has the reception been since your eviction?

It’s been amazing and overwhelming. It’s been exciting also. So much love and support from my fans. It is amazing to know that people love me for me, I wasn’t sure I’d get such love.

Why did you go for the show despite being the daughter of a former senator?


Being a daughter of a former senator doesn’t mean that I can’t have a life of my own, and I’m building a name and a brand for myself, so having this platform is for me. So I made that decision to go on that journey for myself. 

Has the show affected your social status in any way?

Definitely, my life has changed and now a lot of people know me and want to know me. I’m also getting a lot of love and attention. There is negative attention as well but there is a lot of positive attention, and that is what I’m focusing on.


How do you intend to leverage your new status?

One of the major reasons I went for the show is to grow and build my brand, and now with the fame and exposure, I definitely plan on expanding my business. I hope that you guys will get to see Jackie’s touch on events and aesthetic design on homes and spaces.

How would you describe your relationship with Michael?

I’ll stick with what Michael has tagged it, It is a ‘loading-ship’. We’re on the same page, we’re looking to all the exciting things whether it is friendship or relationship, but we definitely want each other in our lives for a long time.


Do you think the show is a reflection of our society or does the show influence our society?

First of all, I would like to say I see Big Brother Naija as a social experiment, it is not a movie that has been acted or scripted with actors. It is a show about real human beings gathered from different works of life, different backgrounds, personalities, and careers and placed together into a house. We are not there to be acting movies but to be ourselves, evolve, and grow. And in the process of doing that entertain you guys.

So people have to understand that this is real life. Nigeria is massive, so the show incorporates people from the west, north, and south, all that and it goes to show the richness in our culture. I mean there are differences in our personalities, and of course, not everybody can be the same. There are a lot of positives and a little bit of negatives. Viewers are allowed to take what they want from the show.


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