Giving a gift is much more than the item, the thought and process that goes into getting the gift is the most important part.


Like everything else on earth, picking the perfect gift for the perfect occasion can be mastered and you can become an expert at it – with these 7 tips.

Observe the person

This is the first step to choosing a gift; before knowing the appropriate gift to pick for a person, you have to observe the person and know where their interests lie.


Pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Find out if they would love something functional or something sentimental

Their past could help

This would only help if you knew something about their past or childhood. Giving a person a chance to relive childhood memories can be a nice gift.


You can give gifts related to childhood interests or one that’s related to a hobby the person had to let go of.

Listen to them

A gift that satisfies an immediate need would be greatly appreciated. The person in question could have told you of a broken appliance or of something they ought to do but cannot afford.

Some of us usually feel like our friends have everything and they cannot possibly need anything else but if you listen closely, the person may mention their need in passing.



It doesn’t have to be an item

Some people make the mistake of thinking that gifts have to be items but you can make it an event for the person to enjoy.

Tickets to a  comedy show or their favourite artiste’s live performance would mean a lot. Taking a football lover to a live game where you got awesome seats at the stadium could mean the world.


Make it personal

If you belong to the class of people who make stuff, making a customised version of whatever you make would make them feel special.

It’s going to be unique and they would remember your act of kindness every time they use what you made.

Write down your ideas


You might have a gift idea and forget it before it’s time to do the actual gifting. However if you note any gift ideas you get, you will be surprised at what you will have when you are finally ready to buy a gift.

Ask for help

When you have tried all you can and you can’t seem to get the right gift, it is time to ask for help. Asking for help is not a bad thing and you can get a different view on gifts from the other party.


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