Kevin Hart, US comedian and actor, as well as the passengers involved in the crash in his “damaged” 1970 Plymouth Barracuda are said to be lawyering up. 


According to TMZ, the Hollywood star is “taking heat” over the lack of safety devices fitted to his 720bhp custom-made vintage motor.

It claimed that the two fellow crash victims believe Hart showed negligence for not having critical features like airbags and safety harnesses installed on the vehicle.

It is believed that the missing safeguards, which should naturally be in modern vehicles, were not common back in the 1970s, so Hart was said to have requested for it that way for an extra bit of authenticity.


The news outlet quoted sources with direct knowledge of the case as saying that “the driver, who sustained serious back and chest injuries has an attorney, as does the passenger in the backseat, who sustained only minor injuries. Kevin has a lawyer as well.”

“We’re told Kevin is in the crosshairs of the other 2 people in the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda because the car did not have safety harnesses or airbags. The argument is … Kevin should have worried less about keeping the car authentic and more about safety — and not doing so constitutes negligence.”

It added that the company which designed Hart’s car might also be in trouble for allowing the custom job to go through.


On September 1, Hart was involved in a ghastly car accident and had undergone surgery after Jared Black, his friend, lost control of his vehicle and plunged all down a gully in collision with a wooden wall.

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