Joke Silva, a veteran actress, has said she’ll never accept a sum lower than her value for a movie role.


In a recent chat with TheCable Lifestyle, Silva noted that it took her several years to build a solid brand, adding that it would be a disservice to herself to settle for less.

She said: “The simple reason  I don’t appear in movies is that when I get offered films, what they are offering to pay is ludicrous. So I’m not doing it.

“At the stage that I am in my career, I have created a brand and that brand is well known and has taken a few years to build.


“It has remained consistent over the years. So, I really don’t think I have to devalue to it, so when they are ready for my value, they will let me know.”

The 55-year-old wife of Olu Jacobs, also a veteran Nollywood actor, said her consistent reinvention over the course of her career hasn’t been a conscious effort.

“It’s not conscious. It’s that one finds one’s self in a situation that subconsciously makes you want you to do that re-invention,” the Hear Word actress told TheCable Lifestyle.


Speaking about her marriage, the MTN Project Fame faculty principal said that her father was worried about the age gap between her and her husband when they were to be married.

“We met at the theatre and after then we started dating. We started out as extremely good friends. My family and friends all liked him.

“My mother liked him a lot but my father was concerned about the age gap. By the time we discussed it, he came around,” she added.


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