Prior to her stint on Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season seven, Ndubueze Esther Chioma had issues managing her anger. In this interview with TheCable Lifestyle, Chomzy, as she is fondly called, talks about BBNaija’s influence on her anger issues, her fondness for Eloswag, and her future plans.


TheCable Lifestyle: Can you give a brief background about yourself?

Chomzy: My name is Ndubueze Esther Chioma, I’m from Imo state. I’m 23 and was born on June 12, 1999.

I’m a final year student at Imo state university, studying political science.


INTERVIEW: Chomzy addresses her anger issues on BBNaija

TheCable Lifestyle: Do you have a future ambition in Nigerian politics?

Chomzy: Yeah. Maybe as a minister or commissioner.


TheCable Lifestyle: What prompted you to audition for Bbnaija?

Chomzy: The grand prize prompted me to audition for the show. I got in after my second try, I have auditioned twice.

TheCable Lifestyle: You weren’t in any relationship in the house, is it because you’re in a relationship outside the show?

Chomzy: No, I don’t have any relationship outside. I don’t have any relationship in the house because of the person I was close to, I just felt at the point we should just be close friends but if it leads to a relationship it is okay. But I don’t want us to rush things so we can be best friends from the start.


TheCable Lifestyle: Who do feel comfortable with while in the house?

Chomzy: I feel comfortable with Eloswag. For now, Eloswag and I are best friends but anything can happen. Let’s see how it goes, if it gets to that point then it’s fine.

INTERVIEW: Chomzy addresses her anger issues on BBNaija

TheCable Lifestyle: Viewers have a lot to say about your personality during your stay in the house. They feel you can be overzealous at times, what is your thought on that?


Chomzy: Anybody can understand me in any type of way they choose to interpret my personality. So anyhow you choose is what you see but sometimes my facial expression is different from my attitude so people tend to misunderstand me and twist my personality. But if you choose to get to know me more, you will have to come closer.

TheCable Lifestyle: Tell us a bit about your personality

Chomzy: I’m a sweet and forgiving person. I’m generous and kind but I have anger issues. Although Big Brother Naija kind of helped me in maintaining my anger. I’m also not good at expressing myself, however, I have also learned to express myself a little bit in the house.

TheCable Lifestyle: What’s the negative or positive influence of BBNaija in your life?


Chomzy: Before I get angry easily over minor things but now I don’t think I’m that way anymore.

TheCable Lifestyle: Do you think Big Brother caused unnecessary competition by splitting the housemates into different houses?

Chomzy: I don’t think it is an unnecessary competition, BBNaija is a game. So I felt splitting the housemates is part of the game, we were competing against each other to win the prize.

I was in level 1 so I will always support and have the back of the housemates in my level against my opponent. I saw level 2 as my opponent, people that are against me for the prize.

TheCable Lifestyle: What’s your plan after BBNaija?

INTERVIEW: Chomzy addresses her anger issues on BBNaija

Chomzy: I want to go into entertainment and influencing. I also want to expand my fabric business.

TheCable Lifestyle: Do you think BBNaija is a reflection of society or does the show influence society?

Chomzy: I think it’s a reflection of society.

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