MC Morris, show promoter, says he’s working to yank the singer Portable off a South Africa show.


The music executive spoke to TheCable Lifestyle on Saturday following an Instagram outburst about the singer.

Portable has suffered quite a number of brand gaffes since his breakout owing to his controversial persona.

Morris had earlier removed Portable from the lineup of artistes to perform at shows in Canada and the US.


The comedian had cited Portable’s controversial personality as the reason for his decision and further faulted the singer’s prior resolve to sack his team members including his manager, promoter, and his personal disc jockey.

Portable countered this, accusing his ex-team of being “unruly” whenever he sought to mingle with new people.

Morris, real name Maurice Imadu, was to manage the singer’s international affairs prior to their bitter fallout.


The promoter, however, argued that Portable’s untamed hot-tempered nature and what he described as the singer’s “indiscipline” was misrepresenting upcoming Nigerian artistes in the eyes of diasporan entertainment audiences.

He said the singer was to perform at a music event in South Africa on November 3 but he disapproved of the idea.

“Portable was to perform in South Africa Nov the 3rd. And I happen to know the organizers. But with his current attitude, threat, and indiscipline, I told them to do a proper background check and take him out,” Morris said.

“Imagine going to misrepresent Nigerians. His attitude does not depict a true Nigerian artiste, so let’s keep him local until he meets international standards.


“I was the first person to put him on an international tour (Canada and USA) before he messed it up and after then, I have seen him throw sheds and also paint upcoming artiste in a wrong manner.

“I am a promoter apart from being a comedian, and the way people talk about him in USA and Canada makes me feel shame. He does not represent a true Nigerian artist From the manner he acts and talks anyhow.

“We won’t allow the name of our great country to be misrepresented outside. Initially, when I put him on the US and Canada tour, I was approached to be managing him internationally.

“When I saw his attitude and indiscipline, I turned down that position. Portable needs a therapist, not a manager.”


Earlier, Portable claimed to have founded a cult that had terrorised residents in parts of Lagos state years back.

He had also threatened to assassinate rival musicians who were nominated alongside him in The Headies 2022.

The police, as a result, ordered a probe on the cult claim while The Headies ultimately disqualified Portable.


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