Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has advised women against ditching their marriages/relationship when their partners are unfaithful.


The actress says it’s in the nature of men to cheat and that “not every man who cheats is bad”.

Writing on her Instagram page, Ojo said a man may be deeply in love and would still go ahead to cheat, noting that as long as such a man “respects his woman” and keeps his infidelity “far away” from her, he’s worth keeping.

The movie producer, however, listed instances where a woman is allowed to leave her man.


Ojo urged women to walk away from men who fail to reciprocate the love they get, those who make them feel unworthy and unattractive, as well as those who are mentally and physically abusive.

Iyabo Ojo's Instagram post
Iyabo Ojo’s Instagram post

She wrote in part: “A man who never appreciate anything u do for him, a man who feels ur opinion doesn’t count, a man who feels u should be seen n not heard, a man who feels without him u are nothing, a man who will only have u when he wants u, a man who doesn’t fight for u, a man who condemns u to his friends n side chicks, a man who looks @ u with so much irritation, a man who flaunts his side chick in front of u, a man who is physically & mentally abusive towards u n sometimes ur kids, a man U have to always beg to perform his manly duty b4 he agrees to touch u! That man is so bad n so wrong 4 u, stop asking me what shld I do.”

The actress further warned women to ignore what society and friends may say about their decision to leave a man, stating that “marriage is not a do or die affair”.


She counselled women to put their happiness first and never rely on any man to make them feel good.

“For the record, mothers who vent their anger on their kids for failed husband issues should stop it,” she added.

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