Free-spirited entertainer Ade Laoye never wanted to be ordinary. As a kid, she held conversations bordering on greatness – with herself.


Ade yearned to chart her own path and be different, unique, trail-blazing and “extraordinary.”

For her, moving back to Nigeria was unplanned yet destined. She felt it in her bones and every event pointed to a return, so she did.

Since making the leap from across the pond a few years ago, Ade has hit the ground running, making inroads into Nollywood and slowly building a name for herself.


The multi-talented actress who can also sing, write, and present, in this interview, opens up to TheCable Lifestyle on her return to Nigeria, gaining a footing in Nollywood and gave an insight into her personality away from the spotlight.

What prompted your move back to Nigeria and Nollywood in particular?

I’m a bit of a wanderer. Every so often I get quite restless and go in search of a new adventure. I had been feeling like I needed a change of scenery for some time. I came to Nigeria one Christmas and I remember not wanting to leave, it really did feel like I was “home” even though it hadn’t been my home for many years. I reconnected with old friends, spent quality time with family and started seeing the possibility of a new life here. The entertainment industry also seemed like it was on the cusp of something great so I figured it was as good a time as any to jump right in.


With all you’ve done in the past few years of your return, do you consider your relocation worth it?

Absolutely, I have no regrets whatsoever. There have no doubt been challenges, but that’s life.

As an all-round creative, what gives you more satisfaction between making music, presenting, acting and writing?

The ability to create anything at all is satisfaction in itself. Bringing something that did not exist before to life, making it a reality is a type of magic. These skills are unique and serve different purposes at different times, I’m glad I get to use them in their various capacities.


Of all the projects you’ve worked on in, which left you with a lasting memory and why?

Every project is unique and special. Working with Richard Mofe-Damijo on Hush has been particularly surreal because I’ve admired him since I was a kid.

Ade Laoye2

Many would argue that you’ve had it easy since coming back to Nigeria. Do you agree?


People don’t often get to see the “behind the scenes” of the lives of those in the spotlight. It’s easy to get carried away by posts on Instagram or videos on Snapchat where all you see are the good days and the highlights. Anyone trying to make a career in entertainment will tell you that it is in fact very difficult. There’s a quote by Seneca that I love – “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”. Everything that looks “easy” now is a result of years of hard work and perseverance.

Apart from the new season of Gidi Up, what other projects are you working on?

Look out for a hilarious web-series titled “Inspector K” coming very soon to RedTV where I play ‘Nadia’. I will also be filming a new Kunle Afolayan movie titled “Tribunal” at the end of February.

You come from an artistic family. What was growing up like?


Growing up was fun. There was lots of song, dance and laughter in our home. Creative expression was encouraged. My sisters and I spent a lot of time watching Disney cartoons and movie musicals – we still do actually. Being part of large family meant that there was always some ridiculousness going on at any point.

What childhood experience, lesson, or ideal is of great import to you in your career?

I remember conversations with myself as a kid, I would tell myself that I didn’t want to be “normal”. I wanted to be extraordinary. That’s probably why I ended up in show business.

Who is Ade Laoye, away from the camera and the public glare? Who’s the lady behind the entertainer?

She is happy-go-lucky and free spirited. She loves ice cream and all things Broadway. Faith, friends and family, music, food and travel make life worth living.

Would you ever consider dating a celebrity, considering the rate of celebrity separations?

I don’t think celebrities separate at a higher rate than people in other professions. The difference is that you don’t get to hear about the banker or doctor’s separation because they are not in the spotlight. I’m not going to not date someone because they happen to be a celebrity. A person’s character trumps what they do for a living.

Ade Laoye1

You once said you weren’t too psyched about cooking but was working on it. How much have you improved on that front?

I’m actually a good cook, my issue is that I don’t enjoy doing it often and that hasn’t changed. Throwing things together to make a meal is actually fun, what I hate is the prep and cleanup.

What informs your role selection, Money, quality of scripting, calibre of director, and/or clout of production company?

Those are all important factors to be considered. I would add connecting with the material. There are moments when I read a script or a play and I’m so moved by it and want to be a part of it. I love it when the material excites me.

What are your fashion dos and don’ts?

I don’t have or follow fashion rules really. I say wear whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

What heights do you intend to climb in your career within the next decade?

I want to do keep doing great work, work that will stand the test of time and make a lasting impact.

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