In every relationship, there are moments when the romance is so intense and then, there are times when a couple can’t seem to agree on anything or can’t stand one other.


These instances represent the different phases of relationships.

Here are five major stages you’re bound to go through in every relationship.



This is the initial phase when both parties have just met when the interest and fascination in one another is at a high.

This is when the sparks start to fly around and attraction slowly builds up.



This is the full-blown romance stage.

At this stage, everything your partner does is flawless. You don’t see their mistake as you’re completely smitten.

In fact, you tend to see similar traits rather than their shortcomings.

Settling in


This is after the honeymoon stage when you have gotten acquainted with yourselves.

At this point, you start to make compromises in order to accept each other’s differences.

It is usually a painful time for some in relationships as the illusion of a ‘perpetual romance’ begins to fizzle out.

Some, in this phase, may be consumed with disappointment and discontent.


Dry phase

This is when you start going the extra mile to find the sparks that were once flying around effortlessly in your relationship.

Extra effort is required to keep the romance alive and the relationship going.

This is usually when one can tell if a partner is really committed to the relationship.


Make or break

After the dry phase comes the make or break stage when you have to decide if you’re in it for the long haul.

The make or break stage is where the journey actually begins. It is when you assess the affair and determine where you both stand so as to decide on the next course of action.

This is when you ask yourself: do I stay or bail?

Both partners, at this stage, will have to decide if they are willing to stay together or end the affair.

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