Most men’s suits come in either navy, grey, blue, black or brown colours. However, for fashion-forward and adventurous men, green is a flexible choice that can be worn.


So, how do you wear a green suit?




1. Suits in the workplace are traditionally navy, grey, black, brown and other similar shades and variations of these basic colours. Avoid green if you work in a strict office environment.

2. For certain types of workplaces (such as the fashion or entertainment industry), look to neutral shades of green such as military green (olive and khaki). Brighter and bolder shades of green work best as statement pieces and not as formal pieces.

3. An olive green suit is the most versatile and can be paired with most neutral colours. If you ever choose to get your first green suit, start with this one.




1. Complement your green suit with a plain white shirt, a slim black tie, and a pair of a black dress shoe. You can also switch it to a brown tie, a brown dress shoe and still have a look that screams for attention.

2. For dress shoes, go for either a brown shoe, a black shoe – Oxfords, Brogues or Monkstrap are the three options. Other shoe types include suede loafers, dress loafers, or even a white suit-appropriate sneakers (for a smart casual look).


3. For ties: Go for a brown colour. It works well with green. Alternatively, you can skip the tie.

4. For shirt: White, Black or Light Brown (Plain or narrow patterns).

5. The style secret: It pairs well with brown accessories. You can never go wrong pairing it with a brown tie, bracelets, fashion ring, pocket square etc.



Remember, this suit colour is not for everyone. If you think it fits into your overall style, by all means, go for it, else avoid it completely. Overall, it is a great addition to your wardrobe, but only for those who are bold and confident enough to pull it off.

Keep it classy, gents.

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi) is a professional image consultant, menswear blogger & entrepreneur.


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