Travelling by air is faster making it more efficient for travellers who want to get to their destination as soon as possible.


However, airfare can be super expensive making the search for cheaper airfare deals a priority for some travellers.

Think about it, who wouldn’t want cheaper flight deals every time they have to travel?

Although myths claim that hacks, like searching the web incognito and booking on certain days of the week, will guarantee cheaper flight deals, here are four guaranteed ways to get the cheapest deals on airfares.


Avoid peak periods

Like all businesses, airline companies have peak periods.

It is common for airline companies to hike airfare prices during festive periods like Christmas, New Year and other public holidays. For this reason, you may want to be as flexible as possible with your booking dates.


Aim for periods immediately after a major public holiday as airfares would be cheaper.

The best way to monitor and avoid peak periods is to research your location and destination: does your country, region or state have specific cultures? For instance, Lagos will tend to have Nigerians from diaspora visiting during November, December and January.

Also, booking during the weekdays would more likely be cheaper than during the weekends.

The trick to avoiding peak periods and subsequently hiked airfare prices is to monitor the periods when people in your location are more likely to travel more.


Grab flight promo deals

Airline companies offer special deals more than you’d think. The easiest way to grab these deals is to plan months ahead. Keep an open mind and monitor websites like Jumia Travels and Konga Travels for when they publish flight deals.

A convenient way to get prompt information on flight promo deals is to sign up for newsletters of airline companies. This guarantees a periodic notification on any promos the company might be hosting. To play safe, sign up for newsletters of as many airline companies as you can.

Use student flight discount


Students and individuals under age 26 can enjoy significant discounts when they book flights. A preferred travel agency consultant can provide additional information and advice when going through booking procedures to make applied terms and condition comprehensively to you.

Filter your search for one person booking

Streamline your search to single tickets on airline websites. This hack is applicable even in situations where you wish to travel with more than one person.

Collective and family plans tend to be usually more expensive than single seat booking. If you fear that you will be separated from your travel companions, friends or family, you have nothing to worry as you can adjust sitting positions to your preference.


The key actions to getting the cheapest flight booking deals are conducting thorough research, flexibility, and being well informed.

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