Welcome to the most dramatic, yet interesting dating period of your life. No longer will most people date mindlessly like they did in secondary school or university.


In fact, during this period, people you know will begin to commit to serious relationships, courtship, and even marriage.

Here are some important facts to keep in mind as you date in your 20’s:

  • Do not put all your eggs in one basket

This advice has absolutely nothing to do with eggs and everything to do with dating smartly. Do not concentrate all your resources, effort, and time while dating one guy.


Think of dating as a game of monopoly; there are so many ways it could end. He could decide a relationship with you isn’t what he wants and vice-versa.

  • Define what you’re after in every relationship

Deep down, there’s a motive behind every guy you decide to date. Do not discard that motive, rather, take time to examine it closely and share with him. Should he want the same things as you, fine. Should he want otherwise, fine also.

By putting your expectations, goals and desires in a relationship, you make it easier to make the next important move: keep on dating, or part ways.

  • Your real friends are your pillar 

Real friends are a rarity, so if you have them, cherish them. Do not forget to treat your friends with respect.

Constantly remind them of their importance in your life and do not fail to consult them when you need relationship advice. Beware however, that who you go to for counsel concerning your romantic relationships, understands and is experienced in the dynamics of dealing with matters of the heart. 

Remember that you owe it to your friends to be consistent. Never, for instance, shelf them for a new ‘dashing’ date.

  • Do not feel obliged to date someone 

‘I dated him out of pity’, ‘He needs me to feel complete’, these are certain phrases uttered usually in regret.


For whatever reason, do not feel obliged to date a guy. 

  • There are enough fish in the river

Although the quote, ‘there’s a guy for every woman’, might be untrue in logical sense, the truth is that there are a lot of guys out there.

If one relationship doesn’t work out, move on and get back into the pond (pun intended).


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