You’ve been more anxious than usual lately. Some of your friends know why. Others think it’s because of your job. And you even told your girlfriend it’s because of a meeting you’ll be having.


The truth is, however, pre-proposal jitters. You want to propose to your belle and you want to do so during the holiday. Without mistake, you want to do it just right.

These steps will guide you in making some moves:

Choose the perfect location


Location matters. Do not be deceived. But choosing the right location has to be a great paired with your lady’s preferences.

Does she prefer an abroad proposal or in the company of family? Would she rather have a public proposal, or in private?

Putting these facts into perspective when choosing the right location to propose, will make the process easier for you and more importantly, very likely to please your belle.


To avoid disappointments pertaining to the late booking of location, make timely arrangements.

Get family involved

Family members are likely to be more than happy to help with proposal arrangements. Especially during the holidays as they’d have more free time.

Use this opportunity to get them involved in your plans. Of course, make sure they are aware of your arrangements and plans.


Even better, involve family members from your side and hers. This exercise might be a means to create a lasting bond between both of your families.

Make arrangements to capture the moment

Years from now, you want to be able to show your kids and grandkids the pictures of your proposal.

As many have rightfully described, pictures are capable of preserving memories forever.


Make arrangements for a designated family member as a photographer, or even hire a pro to handle everything photography and videography.

And hey, wouldn’t it be great to share elements of the beautiful moment on social media?

Make timely arrangements for the ring

Some would argue but; what is a proposal without the ring? (or object of choice).


Make adequate arrangement ahead of time to have the ring ready. If you listen closely, your girlfriend might have been dropping hints of the kind of ring she adores. Follow her preference. And you’ll not go wrong.

Taste is really important when picking out the ring of choice so be meticulous in your selection. Go with an experienced jeweller or pal with good knowledge of jewellery.

No crowds, please

As much as it’ll be a nice idea to have family around, it might be nicer not to have a crowd as an audience as you propose.

Again, this opinion is quite arguable as some females might not mind a large audience present during their proposal.

What if she says no?

Proposals are sometimes a real test of faith. However, it wouldn’t hurt to be realistic too. You may wish to bear in mind that having proposed to your girlfriend, she isn’t necessarily obliged to accept.

Factor this possibility and be ready to move on from the shock her turn down might stir.

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