With the holiday festivities in view, the air is generally light and merry. Individuals will tend to party more, eat more, drink more, as well as invest more in recreational activities.


While the festive period comes with its charms and pros, there are always some mishaps ready to happen if proper care isn’t taken.

It should, therefore, be of top priority to keep one’s mind and body hazard-free during the holidays.

Here are some ways to ensure this:


Do not drink and drive

Do not pass on your safety by claiming “not being too drunk to drive”. If you’re prone to drinking out with family and friends this period, avoid driving yourself to the occasion.

While it’s fine driving yourself sober to the event, driving yourself back after drinking could pose a lot of threats to your safety, as well as that of other road users.


Insist on taking commercial commuting options or opt for hiring a professional chauffeur instead.

In addition to avoiding DUI (Driving Under Influence), also avoid making calls while driving, or indulging in distracting activities while driving. Most importantly, adhere to driving rules in a foreign state, county, or country, you may be visiting this period.

Do not overeat

Is there a famous quote disapproving gluttony? There has to be one.


Granted that the holiday comes with plenty to eat, and share with others, it is not okay to overeat. Be mindful of your eating habit this season. Learn to say “no” when you’ve had enough to eat.

By being mindful of your eating habit this holiday, you’ll be avoiding several health complications such as; stooling, typhoid, etc.

Slow down on the alcohol

We’ve established how important it is to avoid drinking and driving. It is also worthy of note that one should watch their alcohol intake.


Know your limit, avoid being pressured to drink, and be mindful of the company you hang out with generally (although your mother probably warned you about this already).

Hangovers, headaches, nausea, disorientated thoughts are common health hazards associated with over-drinking.

You do not need all that sugar!

Yes, that’s right. You do not need all that sugar. It’s not uncommon that most snacks and meals served during the holidays are made from a lot of sugar.


By consuming these sweets, you may be risking your health in the long run.

Weight gain and stomach upset are common health hazards associated with too much sugar intake over time.

No, to dust and moulds

 A good number of people are prone to spending their holiday in their “holiday” homes. Whether it’s abroad, or a town locally, these secondary homes are likely to be unoccupied and a good resting place for dust.

Patients with health conditions such as; asthma, dust allergies, and hay fever, might be more susceptible to being affected by dust or moulds. This is because their allergies will most likely be triggered by these elements.

To avoid allergy and asthma attacks (when applicable), as well as reactions such as sneezing and coughing, make sure to clear up all dusty and mouldy areas in the home.

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