Hunger is unpredictable and can strike at the most inconvenient moments. We’ve all experienced these unexpected hunger pangs between meals. At these times, snacks come in handy.  


Unfortunately, most of the times we seem to go for unhealthy snack options which over time, harm our health. But snacks do not have to be unhealthy and we can make better choices when picking them out.

Some of the healthiest snacks come from the food items which have been overlooked.

You may be wondering what to look out for to qualify a snack as healthy. The best healthy snacks usually contain several grams of protein and fibre which ensures that they are filling. Look out for the type of sugar the snack has. Natural occurring sugar is the best way to go. 


In addition to protein and fibre content, snacks containing whole grains will ensure additional filling.

  • Fruit Smoothie


A single fruit is packed-full with minerals and vitamins. Combining several fruits into a smoothie ensures that this snack is filled with lots of nutrients.


Fruit smoothies are an amazing kind of snack as there are countless combinations one can try out. Consider taking advantage of seasonal fruits in making your smoothies.

Adding vegetables into your fruit smoothie is also healthy. In fact, herbs, and spices such as turmeric, and parsley, make great additions in a smoothie.

When making fruit smoothies, always opt for fresh fruits which

  • Groundnut Cookies



You may know them as Kuli-Kuli. Groundnut cookies are an amazing type of healthy snack. 

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are high in calcium and protein but low in calories.

We know right? Who would have thought that boiled eggs would make the cut as one of the healthiest snacks? But these bad guys are packed full of nutrients providing high-quality protein.


Eggs also contain lutein, carotenoids, and zeaxanthin which are important for eye health. 

  • Yoghurt

Some yoghurts contain live bacteria which is great for the digestive system. Generally, yoghurts are excellent sources of calcium and protein. 

When choosing healthy yoghurts, always go for plain, non-sweetened, full-fat kinds as this is a healthier option.


Should you need to sweeten the yoghurt, adding natural sweeteners such as honey and fresh fruit is a good way to go.

  • Granola Bars

If you’re always on the go Granola Bars are a great snack option. Healthy granola bars should be packed with fibre, healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Low-calorie granola bars are the best option for persons wishing to lose weight.

Which of these snacks is your favourite? By making healthy snacking a habit, you’ll be sure to maintain a well-regulated diet. 

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