There’s no denying the importance of water for the well-being of the human body. This free gift of nature is often underestimated in our diet.


The human body makes use of water in every one of its functions from the cells to the tissues and finally, the organs, making water a major component of the body.

For this reason alone, one might argue that it makes sense logically, the popular opinion on the importance of water for healthy living. However beyond this logic, there are many more reasons.

Water aids in excretion


Did someone just say, ‘ew’? As unpleasant as some might find the term, ‘excretion’, its importance cannot be underrated.

The human body is designed in such a way that after it takes in substances such as food, water, air, nutrients, etc, it brings out waste elements through the skin, eyes, anus, throat, and urethra.

Notice how excrete materials such as sweat, urine, and stool contain liquid? This must suggest the importance of water in creating these materials. Sufficient water helps the kidney, alongside organs, tissues and cells involved in excretion to function properly.


Water makes the skin glow

You’ve probably heard testimonies pertaining to this and it’s no lie. Look at anyone with glowing and healthy skin and they’ll tell you how water plays an important role in their diet.

We already know the body is made up of a large component of water. It only makes sense that by consuming lots of water, one is bound to replenish the amount of water needed by the body to function at its full potential.

This in turn means that with a body functioning at maximum, the skin will surely reap of this benefit. 


Water aids in physical performance

Think of athletic tournament and how athletes prone to drinking some water when they’re exhausted. No food, just water. Water is an important necessity for individuals involved in physical activities for a good reason.

This is because when physical activities are carried out by the human body, we perspire (sweat through pores on the skin) thereby losing bodily fluid. Keeping at this activity and perspiring over time will in turn lead to dehydration which is energy and mind consuming.

By consuming water however, the lost fluids are replaced, energy is restored and the mind is clear.


Although there are several other interesting scientifically-proven reasons to drink more water, an important note to self should be that the same water which grows plants when watered judiciously, will definitely help after the human system when drank judiciously.

Be careful to note that the water you consume is clean. That is, free of colour, smell, and taste. Invest in a portable reusable water container to carry some water wherever you are. 

Keep in mind that consuming the recommended amount of water daily, will not only help you achieve the three mentioned advantages in this article, but indeed, your overall health.


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