Vitamin E is an important nutrient for human health and can be obtained from a variety of foods and supplements.


Some of the top foods containing vitamin E are:


Each serving of avocado contains 4.2 mg of vitamin E. Besides its vitamin E content, a serving of avocado contains over 17 other nutrients. This makes it a prized fruit as it contains heart-friendly fatty acids which help in reducing cholesterol levels in the system.


Avocados can be served as a side dish, in salad dressing, as a sauce base or even as a smoothie.

Some individuals enjoy spreading avocado paste on bread.



For each cup of spinach cooked, about 3.7 mg of vitamin E is present. Spinach is loaded with low-calorie nutrients, making it a good dietary choice.

The green leaf is important for hair, skin and bone health.


Not less than 2.6 mg of vitamin E is present in a cup measurement of Kiwifruit. Consuming this fruit (nicknamed Chinese berry) reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, among other health conditions.


Studies have shown that the increased consumption of plant foods like kiwifruit decreases the risk of obesity.


Per cup of broccoli served, there is 2.3 mg of vitamin E available. Broccoli, a member of the cabbage family, is rich in dozens of nutrients.

Cancer prevention, Cholesterol reduction, allergic reaction and inflammation reduction, and powerful antioxidant are a few of the many
benefits of broccoli.


The leafy green is an excellent choice for salads and sauce bases.


About 12 shrimps contain 1.9 mg of vitamin E. Shrimps are also an excellent choice for protein and key nutrients.


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