A vegan diet is a form of vegetarian diet in which an individual excludes dairy products, meat, eggs, as well as other products derived from animals: such as processed food — like white sugar — produced with animal by-products.


As the festivities intensify, you may have found yourself wondering what it’d be like being vegan even for one day.

That was a joke. Clearly. But really, if you’ve caught yourself considering “going green” with your diet, then maybe, you’ve caught vegan fever. Again, I joke.

But think about this: surely, there has to be some pros to adopting a vegan diet. So during this holiday, here are some reasons you may want to try a vegan diet.


New Year Resolution

Maybe somewhere in between your bucket list of New Year’s resolution, you’ve included “going vegan”.

You might be wondering how on earth your mind wandered down that route but all is well. Maybe this coincidence is a sign pointing you to a new direction in your relationship with food.


As the holiday season is strongly in the air, practise your self-control skills by testing out a vegan diet. Look out for vegan-friendly meals in restaurants and party menus as well as home-cooked meals.

It’s cheaper

Did you just roll your eyes? You better not! Think about how much more you’ll be saving by dropping off animal proteins and products from your diet.

Fruits, vegetables, and plant protein are relatively cheaper to sustain over time compared to other diets involving animal proteins.


You may want to take the time to investigate thoroughly the cost of food ingredients constituting a vegan diet in your area before venturing in fully.

Also gardening your most needed herbs, and vegetables is a great way of ensuring you’re spending cheaper on food.

Launching your interest in environmental activism

So you know how you’ve been working hard to showcase your passion for the environment? Here’s a chance. You can begin a vegan diet as a way of connecting to your new-found activism for the environment.


It’s no news that the earth is dying. Some animals, both those on land, and in the sea, have been reported to be going extinct. What better way to preserve the population of some of these animals than refusing to partake in their slaughter?

Interestingly, your passion for the environment through your diet can speak loudest to your audience who’d be interested to try out saving the planet too.

Health reasons

Some medical conditions require a change in diet. One of these diets to consider is a vegan one. Should you have records or a history of health issues pertaining to the heart, liver, lungs, brain, skin, eyes, etc. consult with your medical expert on diet options you should practise.


You may be shocked to find out that a vegan diet or something close, could be recommended to you.

Experimental reasons

Are you adventurous with your eating habits? It might be time to try on a vegan diet.

Consult a certified dietician. Make wholesome research, and make a meal plan which is vegan-based. You may be surprised at how fond you may grow of your green vegetables and plant protein.

Kindly note that for the best use of a vegan diet, it is advisable to consult with a dietician or medical practitioner before adopting a vegan diet.

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