The chances are that you currently operate under the hybrid work system in your workplace. But before we go further, let me give you a brief definition of the term “Hybrid Work Style”.


According to Forbes, “Hybrid work enables employees to create a work-from-home schedule at their convenience while still having the option to come in to connect with colleagues on their terms.”

However, for many over here, what the hybrid work style would typically look like is a schedule set up by an employer. Basically, all you need to know about the hybrid work schedule is that it combines remote and onsite working.

While this system of work schedule isn’t new, the global pandemic sort of popularized it. Unfortunately, not a lot of employees have properly understood how to cope with this work system.


So here are five tips to help you cope with the hybrid work schedule:

  • Understand and Observe Safety Instructions

Every workplace would have most likely set up anti-COVID safety protocols. It could be anything from always putting on a nose mask and wearing a face shield to washing your hands before gaining access into the work premises.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers, temperature check, social distancing desk arrangement are other types of policies which may be set up by the organization.


It is expected that employees understand what safety instructions are required of them and then do well to obey them.

This shouldn’t be difficult to implement as the safety instructions are for the benefit of everyone.

If getting a disposable nose mask or face shield gets costly to maintain, opt for hygienic reusable face masks which can be washed. Having portable-sized alcohol-based hand sanitizers in your bag is also a great way to go.

  • Commit To Understanding Remote and Onsite Working Policies

In addition to observing the safety instructions of your office, it is important to understand and obey the work schedule policies.


For instance, your workplace might require you to dress semi-casually for remote meetings or hold specific team meetings online while others, offline. It is wise to obey such policies as this would make the hybrid work system more effective and the employee in question more productive.

  • Communicate Uncertainties To Supervisor or Manager

Sometimes the policies and rules set up by management or an employer could get confusing. And this is okay. As we have established earlier, the hybrid work system is relatively new to a lot of people.

Although you may have confusion, it is better to bring this up with a manager or supervisor rather than attempt to operate from that place of confusion.

  • Double-Check Meeting Venues

Yup! This might seem like a “small” problem but in fact, it isn’t. Meetings are important parts of every employees’ job. It’s where strategies and ideas are shared and reviewed. Important information basically is passed within teams and across teams during meetings.


Hence, it is important for an employee to be sure of the venue of their meetings. For instance, a meeting invite could be sent across electronically for an onsite meeting and this could be confusing for some who may assume the meeting would be a virtual one.

  • Optimize Communication With Colleagues & Human Interactions

It’s most likely that you may not see some of your colleagues all the time. This could affect your working relationship with them hence, it is important to be more deliberate about your interactions with them.

So doing things like; calling-in and checking-in on your colleagues or hanging ut will help improve your relationship with them.

With the tips we’ve provided here, we hope you ace your hybrid work schedule!


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