Despite being a political year — the year preceding the general election — and one filled with socio-political and economical issues; Nigerians still found ways to make it a great one. From unique dance challenges to viral slang, the year 2022 has been a great one for the social media space.


Below are the major social media trends that stood out in 2022:

  • Sapa

You would agree with me that this slang has been the most used word on social media in 2022. Some artistes even included it in their songs.

‘Sapa’ is a term used to describe a state of extreme brokenness or pennilessness.


Nigerian youths on social media would also use slang after being broke following extravagant spending.

  • Yoruba Vlogs

This was another social media trend that dominated the internet this year.

It is the trend that changed the standard of vlog voiceovers. It sees content creators using in-depth Yoruba language for their voiceover rather than the regular English language used.

It started off with the usage of the Yoruba language before it extended to the usage of other Nigerian languages.


This trend, however, celebrates and promotes Nigerian diverse culture.

  • Fear women

This slang became a street anthem after the video of a pregnant woman cheating on her husband in a ritual-like room surfaced on the internet.

‘Fear women’, initiated by male users of social media, is aimed at banter while also aiming a dig at women who are perceived to be cheat or manipulative.

It is also used to call men to order and urge them to be vigilant and careful around women.

  • Kelly dance challenge

TikTok star Kelly


This trend was inspired by Kelly, a Togolese girl, who Nigerian men drool on due to the way she dances with her waist and butt.

Nigerian ladies then started the dance challenge where they mimic Kelly in a way to try to prove they can dance better than her.

  • Drop It Challenge

The ‘Drop It Challenge’ started on TikTok but subsequently took other social media platforms by storm.

The trend involves people going about their normal daily activities and suddenly squatting down while Beyonce’s 2013 ‘Yonce’ played in the background.

Several celebrities participate like Alexx Ekubo, RMD, Linda Ejiofor and Don Jazzy were also seen participating in the trend.

  • Shettima Challenge

reactions trail Shettima's outfit to NBA conference

This was inspired by Kashim Shettima, the vice-presidential candidate of APC in August.

His dress for an official event earlier became a topic of discussion before turning to a challenge on social media.

The trend saw youths imitating Shettima’s dress — a suit, tie, and pair of sneakers– and even his sitting posture at the event.

  • Kukuma challenge

This is another interesting trend that went viral on social media platforms in 2022.

The trend involves people compiling their old and recent pictures together in a video and showing their growth through the years, while a song titled ‘Kukuma’ is being played in the background.

‘Kukuma challenge’ helps people see and appreciate their personal growth.

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