Speed Darlington, the Nigerian rapper, says men are not meant to marry one wife because “there is so much temptation to cheat”.


In a recent interview, the rapper argued that the principle of marrying only one woman was not a divine arrangement as often claimed.

The singer also said he hopes that his future partner “will be open to polygamy.”

“I can stay with one woman, but I’m hoping she will eventually be open to polygamy, that way there’s no cheating,” he said.


“I’m not outside running around or embarrassing you, nobody knows our business. There’s so much temptation in cheating when you are with one person, the temptation is great.

“We are not supposed to be with one woman, it’s just that we feel like we are smarter than other animals. Because we wear clothes, we invent things to make our lives easy so we automatically believe that we are sharper.

“We are forcing ourselves with this principle of one woman. Africa normally, the black race is not the race of one woman. It’s better that way than ending up alone. Many women will not have husbands”.


The musician, who real name is Darlington Okoye, is popular for his controversial stance on issues.

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