Dotman, the singer, says it is destructive for society to dismiss abuses committed against its men.


The music star tweeted on Saturday about societal bias against men and how he has seen abuse of different kinds.

He said society often tells its male population to “man up” in a way that dismisses the pain they often experience.

“Abuse against men is really something, even though it’s rarely highlighted,” the singers wrote.


“Like even from society POV, men are not even allowed the space to process the pain and stress. You go dey hear ‘be a man’. As much as this phrase may sound uplifting and encouraging, it is destructive.

“As a man and artist who has seen these things from verbal abuse to other types, I just feel like I should use my music to highlight it sometimes. E no easy but I’ll start that convo with my next EP.

“The first track is ‘Star Life’ and I use it to speak for men that have been told to ‘be a man’. I’ll try to shatter some bias that never really favored men. Strength to all the men going through it.”

In an interview with TheCable Lifestyle, Dotman had spoken of his career journey and what he sees for Afrobeats.

“It’s now global, far beyond what anyone would’ve expected years ago. We have learned; seen things happen before our eyes. No one saw people selling out concerts in other countries years ago the way we have it now,” he had said.


“Yet, it’s being done all over Africa and the world. Believe it or not, Afrobeats is the next big thing globally.”

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