Ebiteinye Juliet, the reality TV star, says she has been under lots of pressure to get married and lose weight.


Juliet, who participated in Ultimate Love and was later paired with Obichukwu to form Obiebi as a couple in the reality TV show, spoke in a monologue posted via her Instastory.

The reality TV star opened up on what she described as “nasty comments” she has been receiving from critics in recent times.

Juliet described marriage as a “divine gift” that one doesn’t rush into. She also hurled insults at people who she said are bent on pushing her into a state of depression.


“So people are still trolling people with something that is a blessing from God like marriage and my weight. Haven’t you read the Bible? ‘They’ll be fat and flourish.’ Or is it a marriage that is a blessing from God?” she said.

“When God does, it is because he’s the master planner.

“When he perfects it for you, it adds no sorrow. But when you end up with the wrong person, because of pressure from idiots like you, someone will end up in depression, sadness, or even death.


“With all the happening in this world you want to come and depress me. God will punish you all that want to pressure me to enter relationships I don’t want. Is it everyone that should be slim?

“The video I posted yesterday had lots of nasty comments, especially from women, yet we sing ‘women supporting women. Do you think I don’t want to get married? I will but I won’t do it because of your bitter selves.”

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