Sex is an important part of any long-term relationship such as marriage. This is why husband and wife ideally work towards satisfying each other as well as being satisfied sexually.

It can, therefore, be unsettling when a man discovers his wife fakes her orgasms with him. Low self-esteem, distrust and hurt are few negative ways a man might act having found out this harsh truth.

Women fake orgasms for numerous reasons. Sometimes it could be out of shyness, ignorance, or even out of their deliberate disposition. But why fake an orgasm in the first place?

Here are a few explanations of why women fake their orgasms

Sex with you is boring

Usually, one of the primary reasons a woman might fake her orgasm is because the sex is unexciting. Soreness, insufficient lubrication, and fatigue are some factors contributing to boring sex.

Also, being inattentive to her sexual needs such as; finding her most pleasurable spots, and pace makes a woman fake sexual excitement.

She wasn’t in the mood

Sex is as much an emotional activity as it is physical. Understanding whether your woman is ready and in the mood for sex is an excellent way to prevent her faking an orgasm.

Communicating clearly with your wife will give you a clear answer; whether or not she’s ready for sex. By exercising empathy and understanding even when you’re in the mood for sex and she isn’t, will win your wife’s heart every time.

She doesn’t know her sexual needs

Sexual needs are tricky

As bizarre as it sounds, not a good number of women understand their sexual needs. Societal perception and pressure on women to be prude limits their sexual exploration and consequently, understanding.

The odds are still against women who are bold enough to understand what they want in bed. What if her husband judges her or thinks she’s a weirdo for craving certain fantasies or fetishes? Sigh. Best she fakes her pleasure till she becomes bold enough to experience sexual euphoria.

Additionally, husbands can help by encouraging their wife’s full assistance during sex. Having casual and clear conversations about each other’s sexual preferences is also a sure way to go about understanding each other’s

She doesn’t want to hurt your ego

Your wife loves you and would do anything within her power to make you feel good. She also might feel like she’s obligated to have some sort of reaction to just having sex with you which *cues in dramatic moaning*, results in her faking it.

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