Eucharia Anunobi has “sarcastically” condemned the teachings that discourage pre-marital sex between engaged couples.


The actress and evangelist put out a rather controversial video of herself questioning the idea of not having sex until marriage.

Anunobi said she doesn’t see reason in asking an engaged couple, for instance, not to enjoy their intimacies.

The actress also said if engaged couples don’t indulge in sex before marriage, how do they know if their partner is good in bed?


“What’s this whole noise about no sex before marriage? How can anyone say someone should not indulge in sexual activity with someone who has already proposed? I don’t understand,” the actress said in the video shared on Instagram.

“The proponent of this wicked agenda of no sex before marriage must be completely out of their minds.

“If not, how can they recommend such a wicked thing? How do I get to know if the person I tended to be with is good in bed?


“I think I know the answer to these proponents. They’ve castrated eunuchs and frigid females.

“If not, how can they want to impose their dry lives on others. I think their sex drives have gone down to zero. That’s why they say we the hot-blooded must be like them.

“How can we not have sex with someone that I’m completely attracted to; someone that has proposed to marry me or that I’ve proposed to? Something is wrong with these people. They’re not of this world.

“If not, they’ll understand that it’s not easy to look at someone you’re attracted to and not go under the sheets.”


But in the full video shared on her YouTube page, the actress, however, warned that sex before marriage is a sin against God.

“Sex before marriage is an endorsement by you saying if you and your partner can enjoy the sin of having sex before marriage. You are indirectly saying you are helpless and your partner is also helpless,” she said.

“And if they can sin with you against God because sex before marriage is a sin against God.

“You have also given them the permission to sin with someone else against you.”


In May, she said she’s urgently searching for a husband.

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