More often than not, ineffective communication is the root of most relationship problems.


Ineffective communication could either be caused by not properly speaking (conveying a message) and not properly listening (receiving a message).

What are the factors that breed ineffective communication in a relationship?

Not communicating feelings


The danger of passive-aggressiveness in a relationship cannot be overstated. Internalising feelings without discussing them with a partner will not only store up negative emotions about them but could also potentially hurt you too.

Being in a relationship with someone means that anything connecting the both of you in whatever aspect — from the most awkward situations like sexual preferences to simple things like praising your partner — must be clearly discussed and understood.

Communicating your feelings to a partner lays out everything needed for them to understand you as opposed to internalising even the most important of emotions that should be shared.


Not listening or paying attention

Making a habit of not listening to a partner is like running a hot rod right through their heart.

Beyond finding out your partner’s favourite colour and food, paying attention will give you a deeper understanding of what they’re going through and the type of person your partner is.

This not only makes you closer and gives you access to their deepest perspectives on life, but also helps you understand why you love them in the first place as well as appreciate them more.


Not complimenting them

It is not enough to know your partner possesses certain remarkable qualities. Reminding them as often as possible of how great they are is the key to a successful relationship.

Every human, male and female, crave attention and compliments. Failing to do so for your partner might have them seeking this validation elsewhere.

Not forgiving


Forgiveness may seem like an unlikely addition to this list but it is equally important.

Every partner, at certain points in time, will make decisions that will hurt you. The true test of love is not in happy times but having the strength to forgive.

The only way to really forgive a partner is to communicate your feelings and grievances effectively.


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