Brymo, the Nigerian singer, says he once made sex a requirement for music collaboration with female artistes, especially Simi and Ghana’s Efya.


In a series of tweets on Friday, the singer said he gave out the condition because he wanted to experience what it feels like to make music with a female artiste he is bedding.

Brymo, however, said a part of him wants to feel remorseful about the condition he gave Simi even though he was unaware she was with Adekunle Gold.



“There is a part of me that wants to feel remorse for my requirement for a collaboration with the talented Simi.. yet I am reminded that I was indeed, and honestly seeking to experience the outcome of making music with a female act I was bedding. I proposed same to Efya too then..,” he wrote.

“Fate clearly interprets to destiny, and by the definition sealed. Free will may then be natural right to participate, and bear witness to the unraveling of one’s own existence though AG reached out later, I like to think that he didn’t check in again, by will or fate because I turned down same request many years before.

“I also did same with Simi… said I wanted to get intimate to create intensity.”

One of the tweets was accompanied by a voice note wherein he said “I had to let go of the desperation”.


The singer also stated clearly that “to date, I have still never slept with any female I collaborated with” — indicating his fantasies to bed Simi never happened.

“Of course, I had to let go of the desperation. I did not intend at any point in time to demand sex for collaboration. No. I want an experience that involves sex with my female collaborator,” he said.

“I am not sure how it feels about it anymore because it sounds different when reported to someone else. For the sake of clarity, I promise I was seeking the experience. To date, I have still never slept with any female I collaborated with. I let it go.

“I think it must have been after I finally saw Simi and Gold together… First of all, I deprived them of features and finally, they made it on their own, I am realizing that they are together.


“But I never intended to demand sex for features.”

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