It takes a great deal of maturity, patience and understanding to make a long distance relationship thrive and last.


Once these attributes are not mutually inherent in both parties to a certain degree, a long distance relationship may fail to last.

One-too-many long distance relationships have buckled under the pressure of ‘out of sight is out of mind’ and several are presently flailing in the valley of distrust.

Here are 7 reasons long distance relationships are difficult to manage.


Infrequent personal time

Yes, you make long audio/video calls, and may also chat endlessly on social media but no amount of that can replace the wonderful feeling you get when the conversation is live and your partner is right there beside you.

There is no better experience in a relationship than spending quality time together.



Partners tend to misunderstand each other because of expressionless statements.

She says something to you on phone but you are not with her to read the expression she wears when she makes the statement.

Consequently, both parties could suffer miscommunication and this could ignite a fire that wouldn’t be easy putting out.


When phone calls becomes a big deal

When you start developing a feeling that you have an obligation to execute, you start to consider it a chore or lot of work to connect with your partner, and calling gradually becomes a task.

When one party is investing more than the other

It might not look disturbing at first but if it persists, things migh deteriorate.


It could be a miserable feeling when you give everything to a relationship and your partner doesn’t even appreciate your efforts. Rather, what you hear is ‘I think you call too much’.

When one party does the most visiting, sends the most text messages and calls way more than the other, most often than not, the relationship is headed for the rocks.

Engaging in serious conversations

You get to know if your relationship is doomed to fail when you don’t have convivial atmosphere each time you are around each other.


When you only get to talk about serious issues and there is no such thing as laid back bants, it could mean that the distance is contributing adversely to your communication.

When you feel something is not worth talking about

The moment you start holding back issues you feel are not worth sharing with your partner, then you should know you are allowing distance determine your commitment.

By pushing off such issues, you unconsciously start keeping secrets from your partner and that could damage the trust in the relationship.

Growing apart

This is among the major reasons long distance relationships fail.

That you partner is not with you doesn’t mean you aren’t living your life. You are growing, learning and meeting people; you gain experiences and changes set in.

It then becomes difficult for both of you to keep track on your change process and this could cause you to drift apart from each other slowly.

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