As a result of its large and diverse population, you are bound to come across various types of individuals in Lagos.


Toaster is an informal word used to describe men who are at the stage of asking a lady out for the purpose of a relationship.

Here are five types of toasters that you will meet (or may have met) at some point in Lagos.

There are various types of 'toasters' in Lagos | TheCable Lifestyle
There are various types of ‘toasters’ in Lagos | TheCable Lifestyle

The loud ones


You will most likely meet them on the street cat-calling, whistling endlessly while gawking at a lady’s endowments. They are loud, brash and sometimes crude in their approach.

Most times, their proposals are not from the heart. These type most often ‘appreciate what they see’.

Bold and smooth


These guys are smooth in their operation. They appear cool and are prepared to shock you to your boots. FYI, that’s the goal of their mode of operation.

They aim to throw you off balance, get what they want and go their way.

Civilised perverts

These types come in two categories; some of them appear gentle while the others are a milder version of the bold and smooth category.


However, invading a female’s underwear is a common goal for them.


The men who fall into this category are buoyant and willing to spoil a lady with their wealth.

Most of them think that money can get them any women they want, hence, little effort is required.


Snail-paced toasters

These type of ‘toasters’ need as much help as they can get. They have their intentions but often lose the girl after wasting time on frivolities and beating around the bush.

If you belong to this category, please be informed that a lady gets and understands all your signals (apart from one who decides to play dumb).

Make your move before someone bold and smooth beats you to the punch.


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