Debola Falana, a New York-based hairstylist and makeup artist, says every woman depends on hair extensions, irrespective of race and colour.


Falana said this in an interview with Accelerate TV, where she explained that using weaves should not deter a woman from nurturing her hair.

The hairstylist said she set up her shop because of women who don’t take care of their natural hair but depend solely on weaves.

“Where I have a problem with women, whether African or American, is when they solely depend on weaves and don’t take care of the hair they’ve underneath.


“You just use it as a cover-up and you don’t care to take care of what God has given you naturally; that’s what I have issues with and that’s one of the reasons I opened up my shop.

“You can wear the weaves whenever you want but when you decide that you don’t want to wear the weaves, the hair underneath is good too.”

“Weaves are important to every woman, people try to put it all on us (Africans) but I work in a salon in the New York City and I see the number of non-African women who come in there, and I know the amount of weaves that they wear.”


“All women wear extension, I think it is about options; women want options, they want to be able to look different if they are feeling different.

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