Your sex life is part of your daily living and so it should be treated with the same care as you would your body, health and well being.


Here are 10 common everyday habits that take a toll on your sex life and what to do about them.

Junk foods

Eating junk food stores up refined carbs, simple sugars, saturated and trans fat in your body. This slows down blood flow, eventually affecting how well you perform during sex.

Solution: Eat more of fruits, veggies, and plant-based protein. You derive more energy from these food items which in turn gives you the right sexual energy.


Too much salt

Salty foods, when consumed, not only cause high blood pressure. They also lower your libido, thereby affecting your sexual performance.

Solution: Prepackaged foods contain high amounts of sodium, so either desist from them or watch how much you consume. Play with herbs and spices when you want to add flavour to your food.


Stress is the most common factor that affects sexual life. This is because of our everyday dealings in life. Stress kills the very desire for sex- especially when you’re so worn out.


Solution: Dealing with the stress in its entirety not only helps with your sex life but with your life and well being as well. Figure out where it bites and try to fix it. Partake in activities that aid stress relief.

Skipping foreplay

Foreplay is quite important before sex. It helps to stimulate yearn and heighten arousal.

Solution: Don’t skip foreplay. Oral sex and extensive hand-action are good kick-starters.

Too busy

Sex takes a back seat when life gets hectic, especially when what is causing you to be busy can’t be helped.


Solution: Try scheduling sex around days you won’t be as busy. Intimacy in relationships is important regardless of one’s schedule.

Same old routine

Nothing gets as boring as repeating the same thing over and over. It is like listening to the same music on repeat. One is bound to get tired and lose interest.

Solution: Try new things and don’t be afraid to. Mix it up with new positions in new or unusual locations. Massage or sex toys are good additions to the bedroom during sex time.

Drinking too much

Alcohol is a major killer of sexual mood, especially when consumed in large quantity.


The male folks in particular struggle with performance issues when they have too much alcohol in their system.

Solution: Drink in moderation. Know your limit and stick to it. It helps you in life and in bed.


According to several studies, chemicals in tobacco can mess with blood flow, which can cause sexual problems, especially for men.

Solution: Seek ways or help on how to curb smoking but also talk to your doctor about how you can kick the habit.


Inadequate sleep

If you don’t snooze, it could affect your libido. One study found that women who got more sleep tended to have more (and better) sex.

Solution: Sleep more. Find healthier ways to enable slumber.

You don’t speak up

‘Communication is key’ as the cliche saying goes. In relationships, it is as paramount when it comes to areas pertaining to sex. Becuase if the pleasure is derived from intercourse is one-sided, it definitely can’t be fully enjoyed by both parties.

Solution: The major worry is on how your partner might handle the conversation. If you fall into this category, try to frame it around your feelings and reactions, not your partner’s. Starting your sentences with “I” instead of “you” also helps a lot.

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