Stress, over time, can cause health problems.


Most people are stressed as a result of work activities, while for some, it may be due to worrying about a problem or challenge.

When the world feels like it’s caving in on you, these five tips can go a long way towards helping you de-stress.

Work out consistently


If you can’t — or have no time — to work out when stressed, try going for a walk to clear out your thoughts.

Studies have shown that exercise helps to reduce inflammatory markers such as C-reactive protein.

Deep breathing


Taking 10 deep breaths helps to stimulate a group of nerves that connect to the calming centers in your brain. Experts advise that occassional deep breaths have a calming effect.

Get more sleep

Lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Stress interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep swirling through our heads, stopping us from being relaxed enough to drift off.

Rather than relying on medication, your aim should be to maximise your relaxation before going to sleep. Make sure your sleeping area is relaxed and serene enough to facilitate quick sleep.


You could also reduce activities that eat into your sleep time, eg, late night social media activity, television watching, etc.

Avoid negative people

Flee from all forms of negative interactions and relations because the more you accommodate negativity, the greater the tendency of you being worked up.

Negativity takes up a lot of energy that could be expended into something more productive.



At work, collaborate and seek help as much as you can. This is a surefire way to reduce your stress level and workload.

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