Marriage is seen as a do or die affair for most homes in the Nigerian setting, a lot of people see it to be the ultimate goal for any man or woman. Some even go as far as drawing conclusions that without getting married any kind of success you obtain in life is immaterial and does not matter. Well…all this assumptions are just in the mind, the truth is marriage should not be seen as do or die but should be a thing of choice. In a lot of ways not getting married could actually be an advantage and here are 10 reasons why.


You can be keep putting yourself first. This is probably one of the best advantages about the act of single-hood, you really don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself, you basically have your space to do what you want, when you want and how you want to. No one can get hurt when you are not doing what they do not want to do. You are at liberty to take decisions that suit you at a particular time.

You can have a fully committed career. You can be fully committed to your career with no interruptions, you can even have the career you really want instead of trying to get a career that would meet demands of family, for example you probably want to be a doctor but because of family commitments you change your career path to probably a 9-5 job. Single-hood gives you total freedom in this aspect.

You can have the social life you want. Marriage brings with it a lot of new people in your life including your partner, you would have to form a bonds with his/her family and friends and would have to go for event that you would probably not attend on a normal day, Being married also means you would have to check out with your spouse if its OK to bring a few friends over to watch a game on TV or invite the girls over for a night out. A single person does not need to worry about all that.


You don’t have to worry about kids. Kids are a bundle of Joy don’t get me wrong, but raising kids is not beans and requires full dedication and commitment especially when they are still in their infant stage, you have to probably take a few weeks or even months off work, stay home all day, it basically leaves you handicapped as you would not be free to do what you love. Furthermore it brings a lot of complications as your spouse might have different ideas on when to have kids, the number of kids to have and that sort of thing. Being single gives you liberty to make does decisions on your own.

You are free to enjoy your leisure. You basically have no free time once you get married, this is because after a tedious week in the office or at your work place, you supposed to use the weekend to unwind and relax from all the stress of work but what happens is the Saturdays and Sundays that are supposed to be leisure days are spent with a lot of chores, cleaning after your spouse, going to the market,making sure the other person is comfortable which does not give you any free time.

You can travel where and how you want. Lets take for example one of the the most successful women in Nigeria, celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji, she controls her affairs and doesn’t really have anyone to distract her, she can practically travel the globe anytime she wants without restrictions. You can be the boss of your own affair in this regard.


You can organize your household routine as you want. This boils down to the fact that you can arrange your affairs to suite your schedule and do things when you want to not when someone is screaming your name to get stuff done. You can put things in place to suite your needs without having to seek permission from anybody.

No need to disclose your finances. You are not under any obligation to tell someone how much you make in your business or even ask for permission to go into any kind of business. Like a lot of Nigerian homes where married couples are expected to let each other know what’s in their bank account, living a single life does not oblige you to do so.

You are not tied down to one person. You are free to mingle with as many people as you want without hurting any body in the process, You cannot explore choices from elsewhere if you married as you are obliged to stick to a single spouse according to the norm in the society we live in today.

The remote is well and truly yours. You have the control of everything in the palm of your hands no need to be fight or have an argument with someone because of a programme you want to watch, being single affords you the liberty to watch what you want, when you want to.


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