Overtime routine in bed can become boring but not entirely bad. There are certain things, which most women and men find boring such as if she yawns more often than moaning or if he hardly changes a sex position. Here are 10.


The Women

Asking permission. Asking for permission before touching your girlfriend or making a move is boring to and spews a sense of lack of confidence.

Same location for sex. Ever wondered what the entire space in your house is for and what can be done with it? Well for one you can leave your bedroom and try having sex in one of your other three rooms or on the dining or even surprise her in the kitchen when she making your food and have sex on the counter or even in the shower. Staying in one location every time for sex becomes a bore.

Predictable routine. Imagine your partner knowing the next step you’re going to take in bed. This is a killjoy particularly for partners who have been together for quite some time. There is rarely any element of surprise. Spice up your sex life by trying new things.


Not experimenting enough. Most sex positions don’t go beyond missionary, doggy style and reverse cowgirl. Indulge in role-plays or try out something you saw in the magazine.

The Men

Lack of visual appeal Wearing hairnets, unattractive nightgowns and dampened face. Try a sexy nightgown for a change and a subtle make up. You hair doesn’t need to go up till you are ready to fall asleep.

Making love in the same place. Encourage making love in other places other than the bed you both share. It would be sexier if you initiate this.


Absence of pillow talk. Most guys like dirty talk during sex. If your man is that kind, then you aren’t exploring one of sexual desires.  It makes your man feel wanted in a sexual way. It makes him know you desire him.

Not enough response Lying still, looking at the ceiling or with your eyes shut tight can hardly be exciting for a man when he is making love to you. Eventually he will get bored of your lack of response. So whether you are beneath or above him, send non-verbal messages that you enjoy being connected to him.

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