The 2021 edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) is billed to premiere on October 16 with contestants expected to battle among themselves for the ultimate prize.


This marks the show’s return after a four-year hiatus from the reality TV space.

Themed ‘The Age of Craftsmanship,’ the 18 contestants will be taken to the jungle to compete against each other and nature in quest of a secret treasure that would offer fame and wealth to the last person standing.

Ahead of the premiere of this year’s edition of the survival show, TheCable Lifestyle takes a look at GUS past winners and what they’re up to.


GUS 1 — Ezeugo Egwuagwu

Ezeugo Egwuagwu

GUS 1 was held in 2004 on the Snake Island in Lagos state with the theme ‘The Legend of Captain Kush’. The first season of the survival show was won by Ezeugo Egwuagwu who took home the N3 million prize money.

Egwuagwu hasn’t had any vigorous social media presence in recent times. In 2018, the reality TV personality told PUNCH that he didn’t benefit much from the brand.


“I couldn’t even get jobs from other brands because I was identified with Gulder. I must confess that winning the show came with plenty of disadvantages,” he had said.

“At times, I feel I would have done better in showbiz if I had not won the show but God knows best. I was not even given a car and I was given lesser money than subsequent winners.”

Egwuagwu has since then ventured into the leather products and footwear business. He has also starred in Nollywood films like ‘Ultimate Warrior’ and the TV series ‘Royal Castle’.

GUS 2 — Lucan Chambliss

where are Gulder Ultimate Search past winners?
Lucan Chambliss

Obudu Hills, Calabar Cross River hosted the second season which was themed ‘The Lost Helmet of General Maxmllian’. Lucan Chambliss took home the winner’s prize of N5 million.

Just like Egwuagwu, Chambliss appears to have gone off the grid with no media presence. It is understood that he now lives abroad with his wife and son.

GUS 3 — Hector Joberteh

Hector Joberteh

NIFOR in Benin, Edo state was the venue of ‘The Brew Master’s Secret’ GUS, which was the third season. Hector Joberteh won the grand prize of N5 million was also given a Ford Explorer SUV.


The reality star is, however, dead. Hector was gunned down at his apartment in Lagos on September 3, 2017.

A suspect arrested in connection with the case would later confess that the reality TV star was killed “in error”.

GUS 4 — Dominic Mudabai

GUS 4 — Dominic Mudabai
Dominic Mudabai

The Shere Hills of Jos was the venue of ‘The Search for the Golden Age’. Mudabai, who now identifies as a fitness coach, outpaced his rivals to clinch the title in 2007.


It was during the shoot for this edition (4th) that a contestant, Anthony Ogadje, drowned in a lake in Jos, Plateau state.

Since winning the reality show, Mudabai has featured in a number of adverts with well-known brands.

He is also the founder of Wung Fitness, a health and wellness company, and very active on Instagram where he has over 4,500 followers.

GUS 5 — Michael Nwachukwu

GUS 5 — Michael Nwachukwu
Michael Nwachukwu

In the stormy hills of Mmaku in Awgu, Enugu, Michael Nwachukwu found ‘The Lost Chronicle’ and went home with the grand prize money and a brand new SUV.

The Anambra-born reality star, who is fondly called ‘Big Mike’ due to his height, which stands at nearly seven feet, has remained low-key since winning the fifth edition of the survival show — although he is active on social media.

GUS 6 — Uche Nwaezeapu

Uche Nwaezeapu

GUS 6 was taken to the western part of Nigeria in the deserted Omodo Forest of Aagba in Osun state and ‘The Horn of Valour’ was found by Uche Nwaezeapu. He is now an actor, TV host and MC.

Since winning the show in 2009, Nwaezeapu has featured in a couple of Nollywood films like ‘Circle Love,’ ‘The Forbidden Fruit,’ ‘Clandestine,’ and ‘Sister’s Love’.

Nwaezeapu tied the knot with Lauren Agokei in 2018 and is very active on Instagram where he puts out content for his nearly 7,500 followers.

GUS 7 — Oyekunle Oluwaremi

Kunle Remi to host 2021 Gulder Ultimate Search
Kunle Remi

The survival show was moved to Omo Forest in Ogun state for season seven with Remi emerging as ‘The Ultimate Hero’.

Obviously, the most popular contestant from the GUS series, Remi is now a full-blown entertainer with an impressive record across film and TV.

His first major role was in ‘Heavy Beauty’, a film produced by Grace Edwin Okon and directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare.

He thereafter starred in several films, TV series, and stage plays, including ‘Family Forever’, ‘Tinsel’, ‘Lagos Cougars Reloaded’, ‘The Getaway’.

He has also featured in a number of Africa Magic original films and appears to be a good kisser on screen.

In 2020, the actor won a BON award for the ‘Best Kiss in a Movie’ category.

GUS 8 — Chris Okagbue

Chris Okagbue

The Kukuruku Hills, Egbetua Quarters in Ososo, Akoko-Edo, Edo state will always ring a bell in the minds of GUS lovers for hosting ‘The Contest of Champions’ which was won by Chris Okagbue.

He is now into acting and movie production, with multiple Nollywood projects to his name. Some titles for which he is known are ‘The Bling Lagosians’ (2019), ‘Lotanna’ (2016),  ‘Kada River’ (2016), and ‘Sanitation Day’ (2021).

GUS 9 — Paschal Eronmose Ojezele

2012 was the year that GUS moved to Usaka, Obot Akara, Akwa Ibom where ‘The Gatekeeper’s Fortune’ was found by Paschal Eronmose.

Since winning the show’s grand prize in 2012, Paschal appears to have gone into oblivion with no social media presence.

GUS 10 — Dennis Okike

Dennis Okike

In the forest of Usaka, Akwa Ibom, Dennis Okike found ‘The Tenth Symbol’ and exchanged it for the N10 million. He also received a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero in 2013. Today, he seems to have become lost to obscurity.

GUS 11 — Chinedu Ubachukwu

Chinedu Ubachukwu

GUS 11 was in Aguleri forest in Anambra state, where ‘The General’s Helmet’ was found by Chinedu Ubachukwu.

He was rewarded with 10 million naira and a brand new Ford Explorer car. He’s now a businessman with a background in petroleum engineering.

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