A Nigerian party is usually a great melting point of different kinds of people; weird, uncouth, sophisticated, well put-together and downright shameless.

At a Nigerian party, different people are present for different purposes and best be sure that not everyone partaking in the merriment was invited.

It is like Saturday Night Live; you never really know what to expect from the cast members but you will certainly be entertained.


The party does not really have to interesting or lively, these set of partygoers are only interested in the food, and once they have eaten, and possibly secured take-away, they start to plot their exit.


Latecomers by nature, the slayers love to make a glorious entrance; they are there to stun and show-stop. They often end up outdressing, outglamming the bride and groom or celebrants, as the case may be.


Some people make it a duty to go in search of a party every other weekend; where the security is lax or almost non-existent serve as easy prey. These partygoers have a nose for sniffing out parties and invite themselves in. They eat, drink and dance to get sprayed money.


These partygoers have PhDs in analysing. They scrutinise the event planning, the couples’ outfits, type of music being played. They will have an opinion about everything and it’s not often pretty.


You’ll be sure to see certain never walk alone individuals at parties, who are unrecognisable — neither celebrities nor politicians — yet move around with bodyguards, supporters or entourage everywhere they go.


This group of owambe attendees will partake in a bit of everything, but will only do enough to take a decent selfie for the ‘Gram or one for the Snap.


This group can be vicious and tenacious, especially when they had purchased aso ebi and particularly if it was expensive. Some will go as far as collecting souvenir and say that they have not received so as to take two home.


These are professional photographers. Some are invited, a few are usually strays and on-the-move/situational photographers. They will take pictures of you without your permission and insist you pay for the excessively airbrushed hard copies.


Ode to the dancers for theirs is to share the spotlight with the celebrants. This category of partygoers will bring their A game to the dance floor and end up distracting the guests from the couples or celebrants.


They will be offered everything on the menu but will ask for something else, sometimes an item not on offer at the party; eg, you offer them wine, and they insist they only take a particular brand that you are not serving.


May we use this opportunity to state once and for all, that anyone can be a Yoruba Demon irrespective of tribe. It is simply a widely acceptable appellation for well-clad, smooth-talking, sometimes good-looking Nigerian men between 15 and 35.

At parties, they come, move and depart as a group. The primary purpose of attending weddings is to meet new girls and hook up later.

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