If there’s one important thing every average worker in Nigeria has learnt during the lockdown, it’s that they could possibly work remotely at some point in their career. However, just like with every new venture, not every one of these workers has figured the right set up for their home office.


So what should a proper home office or workspace comprise of? The answer is not as simple or universal as we might think as every worker has to set up their workspace according to their own taste.

Although workspaces must meet individual needs, there are some constants when setting up a workspace.

Certain factors such as; the level of comfort, available space, and must be put into consideration when setting up a workspace. 


Additionally, certain items are important when setting up a home workspace.

Some of these items include:

  • Sturdy Desk

When picking out a desk for work, it is important to consider that it fits your height, hands, and your style of sitting. It is equally important that the desk you’re picking out is wide enough to contain the computer or laptop you’ll be using. Therefore, make sure that you have the measurement of your desk is wide enough to contain the tools you’ll be working with.


Once a desk keeps your eyes, hands, and arms in proper alignment, this desk can work as a good surface to work with.

  • A Good Office Chair

Getting the right chair is equally important when setting up a home workspace. Again, factors like shoulder, arm, alignment must be considered when choosing a chair.

  • Charging Area

With the situation of electricity in the country, charging of one’s devices is never a joke. Therefore, when fixing a workspace, you want to include charging spots at a convenient distance to your workspace.

Locate wall sockets, extensions, stabilizers, and socket extensions close to your work desk from where you can plug in your computer, as well as other devices conveniently. 

  • Great Lighting

Every worker will admit that having good lighting is an important factor for their efficiency. Therefore, when fixing up your workspace factor in good lighting systems.

Bright bulbs, power conserving lamps, and natural light from windows are great sources of light when it comes to your works area.  

  • Good Ventilation System

Another factor which must be taken into consideration when setting up a works area is ventilation. Because you’re going to be spending long hours in this part of your home, you want to make sure it is well-ventilated.

Choosing areas in your home with windows [which open] is your best bet. But do not worry if your work area has no windows, you can substitute by installing artificial ventilating units such as fans [standing or ceiling types, and air conditioners]. 


In addition to this, make sure to keep your work area well cleaned as this will prevent the gathering of dust which could pose as a health threat to you.

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