Osama Joel, a Twitter user, has narrated how an elderly man allegedly raped his 5-year-old daughter on several occasions.


The heart-wrenching narration comes a few days after an Ikeja domestic violence and sexual offences court sentenced Adegboyega Adenekan, a school supervisor, to 60 years imprisonment for child defilement.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Joel also recounted how the culprit, who is reportedly in his 50’s, was apprehended and charged to court in “Wynberg, a southern suburb of the city of Cape Town in South Africa”.

Although he did not give details on where and when the rape incident occurred, the netizen claimed that the suspect resides around his neigbourhood.


In the Twitter thread, which has garnered over 2,500 retweets as of the time this report was filed, Joel gave an account on how the little girl’s mother left her at the custody of her father, since “she refused to have anything to do with them”.


“A 50+ year old man in my hood has been having sex with his 5 year old daughter that he only lives with,” he wrote.

“So this 5 year old girl was left by her mother to live with her father right after being born. Mind you, the mother is still alive but didn’t want anything to do with both the father and the daughter.

“This man took the child and lived with her. He made sure that his daughter would have anything he could offer. He bought her a baby scooter, bought her clothes and did everything for her. Everyone in my hood, including me, was very proud of what he was doing cause it’s rare.

“Last week, the girl started experiencing pain in her stomach at her crèche. She wasn’t able to hold her pee or poop that they’d easily be excreted without feeling a thing. Her teacher at first thought it was because of her age, that she wasn’t able to do everything for herself.


He went on to detail how the teacher would clean up the little girl and things would restore to normal.

“And the teacher would clean her and things would go back to normal. Between Wednesday – Friday last week, during the sleeping period, if I may say, cause children at time being are all put to sleep, the girl and one of her male friends dry humped each other (sex with clothes on),” he wrote.

“Another child saw what they were doing and reported it to the teacher. The teacher asked the two of them (this young girl and the boy) what they were doing and the girl straightforwardly said “Siyazumana” which translates to (we’re having sex).”

Joel said the teacher took the child to a doctor, where it was confirmed that “it wasn’t something recent but was happening for a long time after she got examined.”

It was also discovered that “her insides are damaged and loose and she might not be able to have children of her own in future.”

“When she was asked to explain what happened, she said that his father would cover his pe**s with a plastic (I suppose it’s a condom) and would thereafter apply vaseline to her vag**a then have sex with her. For a 5 year old to say all this was the most shocking news to everyone,” it read.

Joel said the suspect was arrested and arraigned while the child has been taken by social workers for care, but her mother is still nowhere to be found.

The story has since generated a plethora of reactions on the microblogging platform with some users condemning the act and requesting for justice.

Mmatsope Modise, a user, said the incident is sad. She added that it would affect the child’s approach towards people, especially men, as she grows older.

“This is painful.. The child’s future pains me for the way she will view life and ppl especially men. Mentally, physically, emotionally she is damaged something that can’t be erased,” the tweet read.

Another user said the story is heartbreaking as the girl’s life would never remain the same.

“This is hard breaking, this sweet girls life will never be the same. Oh God,” it read.

There were some users who even accused him of recreating the story.

Here is what some Twitter users had to say:

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