Tunde Busari, Nigerian journalist and author, says his new book titled ‘My Journey With Barry Wonder’ is aimed at promoting the legacies of Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, the late music icon.


The Fuji maestro passed away in December 2010 at the age of 62.

According to Busari, the fact that Barrister’s songs are still relevant about 11 years after he died showed the level of his impact during his lifetime.

“Can you believe it that over ten different groups sprang up after Barrister’s death, each of which, on daily basis, propagates his songs and beats on social media? That development, to me, is unprecedented,” he said.


“And when these people see in you what you probably don’t see in yourself and assign you this task of a book, a man of honour should consider it a privilege.

Tunde Busari
Tunde Busari

“That’s the background to this book, and I thank every fan of Barrister for their selfless service to immortalise him.”

Busari disclosed that his new book explores different aspects of the late singer’s life which were previously unknown to the public.


“My Journey With Barry Wonder’ is in 14 chapters, each of which tells different stories beyond what the public knows about the music icon and about the author too,” he added.

The author said the late singer’s life exemplifies rare determination, adding that such personality made him a staunch supporter of the musician.

“Results of those efforts are seen in many evergreen records he released, all of which are still like hot cake in the market. I hardly join public debate about Barrister because the best debaters scarcely win at that forum,” he added.

“That is why I listened to calls by my readers and friends who urged me to write my perspective of Barrister, based on their understanding of my special interest in his music. In other words, I wouldn’t have decided to write this book.


“For me, there is no better sense of fulfilment than the fact that I have revealed to the world how much I know Barrister.”

Busari is the founder of TeeTee Management Limited, publisher of TheTabloid.net.

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