Tiwi, the wife of Kunle Remi, the Nollywood actor, has revealed why she married her husband. 


Remi unveiled his wife on New Year’s Day.

In a recent interview published on Remi’s website, Tiwi said she adores her husband’s physical, mental, and emotional characteristics.

Tiwi also said she admires Remi’s humourous character, adding that she was first attracted to the actor’s witty personality.


She also commended Remi’s self-assuredness character while gushing over the actor’s “Popeye arms and incredible smile”.

Kiwi said she was attracted to Remi’s tight trousers and his jewelry collection.

“Well, he was witty, reserved, and self-assured. And physically, there was no missing his Popeye arms and incredible smile. On a lighter note, his tight trousers and jewelry caught my attention. Hehe. I now know he owns more jewelry than me!” she said.


Tiwi said now that they are together, she discovered that the actor has “a gigantic heart, humility, respect, and genuine love for everyone”.

“He has a gigantic heart! I don’t know how it fits into his body! He also has a genuine love for everyone and sees people where they are; he’s humble, which is a very attractive trait to me,” she added.

On his part, Remi revealed that he was attracted to Tiwi’s confidence and physical attributes.

The ‘Anikulapo’ star actor said he loves Tiwi because “she is a lover of God, dedicated, consistent, and hard-working”.


“Her confidence caught my attention. She is vibrant and the type who turns heads when entering a room – you can’t not notice her. She’s a supermodel. Not only did her big smile catch my eye immediately, but the way she threw her head back when she laughed captivated me,” he said.

“What I love the most is that she is a lover of God, dedicated, consistent, and hard-working. She is a constant inspiration to me. She is also very, very caring. The caring sometimes enters into overdrive, and I need to remind her not to take on more.”

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