The right kind of energy is very important to us. If you doubt this, ask Wizkid and Skepta, Keri Hilson, and Runtown why they bothered composing and singing songs about the kind of energy they inspire to have.


We kind of all crave to be energised all the time but unfortunately, most of our cravings end up as mere desires. Fruitless and frustrating.

So we end up feeling beat up throughout the day that we cannot wait for the day to be over so we can hit reset and do over the same things the next day in the same way. This pattern of unenergetic days seems to be unbeatable. In my opinion, one of the reasons for this is that we think we have to do “a lot” to stay energised.

This misunderstanding isn’t self-influenced. It comes from the information or rather misinformation we’ve been exposed to. For instance, some of us feel that exercising is the only way to be energised. This isn’t true.


While exercising is a method of generating energy, it isn’t the only way.

Sleep On Time

I know you’re the famous nightcrawler of the century. You like to stay up late and do what nightcrawlers do but to enjoy an energised life, you’ll need to chunk this habit out the window.


Sleep is a crucial part of your overall well-being that helps refresh the brain. Think of the brain as a machine just like a laptop that gets so heated up when overused. However, if this same laptop is shut down and left without use for a while, it’ll be refreshed and as good as new.

Endeavor to make sleeping on time a habit especially, if you wish to enjoy the early hours of the morning.

If this little description in this article doesn’t convince you, perform this experiment. Sleep early on night A — now, ‘early” can be relative. For instance, early for me might be 9:00 pm while for some other person, 11:30 pm. For this illustration, “early is before 11 pm” — and sleep really late on night B. Document a report describing how you feel the days after this experiment.

On the night you sleep early, you’ll most likely feel more relaxed and clear-headed to start off your day. On the other hand, sleeping late may cause you anxiety, and drowsiness.


Drop Your Phone

Not only will having less screentime help improve your energy level, but it’ll also help increase your productivity and focus levels.

Social media and the internet are good. They help us connect with the world whether socially, professionally, or for personal reasons and this is good. However, too much time spent on social media and the internet can drain a person’s energy.

Notice how sometimes, when you spend hours scrolling through your Reels or timeline you start to feel down and upset because every other person’s beautifully curated life on social media seems to be doing far better than you.


Eat Well

Sometimes, the reason you’re feeling down or tired is that you’re hungry. And I’m not exaggerating. There was this one time I was at the office when I started to feel this intense headache. I shoved it aside and continued with work stuff.

For some reason, I brought out my food to eat, and on taking the first bite, it was apparent the “headache” was just my body reacting to being hungry.

If you, therefore, want to be more energised, pay more attention to what you eat and this could just be the secret ingredient needed to enjoy a more energised body and mind.


Please recall that I did not disagree that exercising is a great energy booster. However, my argument is that it isn’t the only way to stay energised. We can enjoy being energised by changing the little habits mentioned in this article.

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