It’s easy to start missing out on your regular workout routine being cooped up at home and looking after kids or having to adjust to different schedules.


Turning a gym routine into a home routine isn’t as hard as you might think though. These YouTube channels are a good place to start looking for workouts and stretches to keep you fit and fabulous.

  • Work those abs – Six Pack Factory has a wealth of home routines you can try out in just 15 minutes to get those abs crunching, and burn body fat. YouTuber Peter Carvell also offers diet and motivational tips to help you stay on track and work towards your fitness goals.

  • Do it at your desk – if you’re not used to working at home, your setup can be less than ideal – resulting in a sore neck, shoulders and back. Check out these easy routines from Forbes, Renown Health or The Mayo Clinic to help keep you in tip-top shape.

  • Go to class – If you prefer to follow a fitness class, POPSUGAR Fitness is just what you need. Follow along to their intense thirty-minute sessions in real time or catch up when you have a gap in your diary that day. PopSugar offers a variety of different workouts, from 10-minute stretch classes to 15-minute calorie burning workouts and more.

  • Kid around – Get the kids involved in your daily routine and make it fun for the whole family. Little Sports is a channel devoted to providing workouts tailored specifically for kids, including many that can be done indoors.

  • Get intense – For those who like their fitness at high intensity, MadFit has a wide variety of at-home, no-equipment high-intensity workouts. From upper body to full body, ab attack or a good morning stretch – MadFit has it covered.


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