Social media acronyms are the new lingua while conversing online, a virtual community where many assumed everyone knows what’s trendy. 


Things may, however, get embarrassing when someone replies to your message on a social media platform using an unfamiliar acronym.

This list of trendy acronyms will save you the embarrassment;



This simply means ‘In case you missed it’. It is often used when reiterating information which might have been missed. It also saves you the stress of typing a long phrase during informal conversations.


Goat is a term used for remarkable persons, especially athletes. It stands for ‘greatest of all time’. Goat joined the list of trendy acronyms as football fans argue on who deserves the ‘GOAT title’ between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


It is believed that Lonnie Ali, Muhammad Ali’s wife, was the first to use the acronym in September 1992, when she incorporated Greatest of All Time, Inc. (G.O.A.T. Inc.) to consolidate and license her husband’s intellectual properties for commercial purposes.


Direct message’ could take a noun form or even function as a verb in a conversation, as it could take a past tense variation–DMed. It basically implies a request to send a direct message instead of a public post.



It stands for ‘Be that as it may’. It is a phrase that may come in handy when engaged in a conversation online. It is usually used to link a new idea or topic in a discussion.


If you’ve noticed, the acronym ‘MCM’ is often used in social media posts on Mondays. That’s because it stands for ‘Man crush Monday’– a term used by people to celebrate or publicly admire a male personality. While the ‘MCE- Man crush every day’ implies that the male character isn’t only to be celebrated on Monday but every day.



A direct opposite of ‘MCM/MCE’; ‘WCW’ means Woman crush Wednesday while ‘WCE’ stands for ‘Woman crush every day’.


Bae has been around long enough and although many use the term, some still don’t truly know what the acronym stands for. ‘Before anyone else’ is an endearing term you can use for a lover, a close friend or even your best sibling.



Some social media acronyms also carry double but similar meanings. One of them is ‘HTH’. It could mean ‘Here to help’ or ‘Happy to help’. ‘Happy to help’ could be your response after offering succour to a friend online.


These are both complete sentences that will save you time while chatting. ‘IDC’ stands for ‘I don’t care’ while ‘IDK’ means ‘I don’t know’.


It simply translates to ‘That feeling when…’– a way of introducing a relatable experience or event.

Other acronyms you may also take note of include, ‘JK- just kidding’; ‘OOTD’ – original outfit for today; ‘TBT’ -throwback Thursday; ‘FBF’- Flashback Friday’ and ‘RT’- retweet.

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