Women tend to undergo hormonal changes during their menstrual period. These changes further lead to cramps, nausea, and pain which also give rise to moodiness, irritation, and strange behaviours among women.


At this point, the least you can do as a partner is to be caring, supportive, and thoughtful so she can feel comfortable around you.

Without further ado, here are tips on how you can make her feel better.

  • Be prepared

Having an app that can help you track your partner’s period cycle is the first step to being that sweet lover.


It tells you what date she will be starting her period and allow you to get ready accordingly. Tracking her period cycle will also help you understand her quickly when she starts acting differently.

  • Get her menstrual kit

The next step is to get her menstrual kit ahead of the start date.

Be conversant about the menstrual products she prefers, the brand, and the size so you won’t get the wrong ones. Gifting her the kit when she least expected will make her appreciate you more for being thoughtful.


This will also make her more confident, open, and safe around you during her period.

  • Don’t act disgusted

Become comfortable with the fact that she is on her period. It’s an interesting biological phenomenon that lasts for five to seven days only.

When she wants to tell you something about her menstrual cycle, don’t make faces or give body language that can turn her off. This could make her feel you don’t care about her feelings.

  • Be as patient as you can possibly be

This period is when your patience might be tested so you have to be very patient.


Due to hormonal changes, women act irrationally during their period but to make her feel better, you may need to be emotionally supportive. You need to understand that it’s that time of the month and don’t judge her based on her behavior.

  • Be thoughtful

Try to do everything and anything that will make her feel better despite the pain.

Pamper her in the way she wants, give in to her craving but advise her against the unhealthy ones. Help her with the chores and errands, prepare her food, and also watch movies together.

Try to engage in basically anything healthy that can distract her away from the pain.

  • Physical contact

Be there for her physically. Massages, cuddles, stomach rubs, hot baths, and hugs go a long way during this period.

Foot, back or hand massage will help ease her pains and blood circulation in the body. Randomly hugging her will also make her feel more comfortable amid the pain.

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