Beyond exchanging gifts, there are various things to do on Valentine’s Day with your significant other.


One of those things is fanning the flames of passion with your significant other.

Here are five tips on how to add spice to your sex life on this special day.



Planning is important if you want to experience something different from the regular.

As a man, you can take time out for some grooming or for females, shop for beautiful lacy lingerie.

Planning also extends to setting the right ambience to take your intimate moments to the next level.



Sending erotic messages via your smartphones is another way to build up anticipation and fantasies about your love life. All this will help redefine your relationship, and encourage both parties to be adventurous


Music can directly influence a person mood and actions.


As a change from the usual, add rhythm to your love life by selecting romantic music that gets your partner in the mood. Slow and sweet tunes declaring your love for your sweetheart are perfect.

However, keep your partner’s music taste in mind when making your choices.

Sensual massage

You can never go wrong with a soft sensual massage. Free up built up stress and open a doorway of pleasures by starting out with a kneading session. You can agree with your partner to take turns massaging each other as a sign of mutual love and commitment.



Be open to trying new things and enjoy some elements of surprise with your other half.

However, you should first take out time to discuss with your partner what they are comfortable with, in order to avoid any awkward scenes.


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