Fashion and personal style are so important for every individual whether they care to admit it or not. They’re so important that one can deduce a person’s religion, age, personality, interests, hobbies according to how the person dresses.


However, there are some elements which can transform a personal style. For the worse. And this is typically referred to as; a fashion faux pas.

A fashion faux-pas is an embarrassing fashion mistake or wardrobe malfunction and it happens more often than we may want to admit.

We have curated six fashion faux-pas which everyone should avoid and which one should not repeat in 2021. Here we go:

  • Unironed Clothes

There’s nothing quite as unappealing as an unironed outfit. It doesn’t only make the rest of the outfit look cheap but it also takes away the real beauty of an outfit.

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If you’re fond of putting on clothes without doing the decent thing of ironing them it’s high-time you repented. Yes, you, it’s you I am referring to.

If for some reason you cannot get an outfit ironed, put off wearing it until properly ironed and looking neat.

  • Smelly Clothes

Bad smell is a sure turn-off and smelly clothes will not be tolerated in the new year.

Does this mean washing your clothes after each use? Not necessarily! Some clothing items are even better being washed fewer times than one would expect.

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By simply sun-drying your clothes, airing mouldy wardrobes and clothes, you’ll be sure to have your clothes smelling fresh and clean. Obviously, washing your clothes regularly will help rid your clothes of sweat, dirt, and even germs causing diseases.

  • Ill-Fitting Clothes

Another fashion faux-pas which can get pretty irritating is putting on ill-fitting clothes. This is why it is important to try out clothes before purchasing them.


Except designed by the clothes’ designer loose-fitting attires should be avoided at all costs as they make a person appear tacky.

  • Underwear Showing through Outfit

This should be deemed illegal. Bra straps being visible underneath a blouse, or panty lines making huge dents on one’s dress is not a good look.

In fact, having one’s underwear visible through their cloth makes the entire outfit look cheap.

  • Stains On Clothes

Whether it’s oil stains, a hole on an attire, coffee stains, whatever it is, stain marks on an outfit not only make the individual look unkempt and unhygienic, but it could give out the wrong impression that such an individual is careless.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Of course, the above descriptions are presumptuous but you wouldn’t want to be caught between the cross-fires of having to explain to every single person you encounter why your attire is stained.

  • Uncomfortable Heels

Yes, you! We are judging you. Get off those heels right away and wear something more comfortable.

Source: Insider

The truth is that wearing and struggling in a pair of heels too high, too tight, or just uncomfortable for you is a big fashion faux-pas! Think how unattractive trotting around in those uncomfortable heels would make you seem.


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