Travelling by air is comfortable, fast and does not have the rigors of other means of travel.


For long distance flights, the refreshments and entertainment provided in-flight attempts to provide maximum comfort for passengers.

But like every other thing in life, some improvements can be made to have a better travel experience.

Check-in early


Anyone familiar with the long processes required to manually check-in on a flight will know that it is best to check in online or get to the airport early.

The stress is worse when you have to check-in on a flight that is booked beyond capacity.

If you can not check-in online, check-in early at the airport; you do not want to start your flight experience on the wrong foot.


Seat selection

If you check-in online, you get to choose your preferred seat and you have to do this wisely.

You have to choose whether you want to be on the aisle— where you have to deal with occasional movements or if you want a window seat where you can enjoy the solace of being on your own.

The seat you get is related your check-in time if you are checking in manually. The only way to get a good seat is to check-in early.


Take along your own entertainment

Although movies and music are made available in-flight, it is good to take along your own entertainment.

Books, board games are some of things you can use to keep boredom at bay.

Ear plugs


Those tiny objects can be life savers. You could be seated close to a restless child or an adult who has talkative tendencies; a good way to deal with both situations is ear plugs.

If you do not have ear plugs, you can take along a music player that you can listen to during the flight, through ear phones.

The aim is drown out any noise/disturbance.

Order with care


When ordering food or drink during the flight, do it with caution.

You have to decide whether you want to enjoy the flight and all it offers or if you want to spend the entire flight duration in the restroom.

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