Symptos of ovarian cancer are not evident in the early stages, hence the name, silent killer.


Ovarian cancer which is a cancerous growth in the ovary is common among older women.

Since the disease is not usually detected in the early stage(s), the location of the ovary aids in early notice of ovarian cancer.

Visit the doctor if you notice any of these symptoms as the signs of ovarian cancer vary for each woman.


Frequent urination

A need to urinate more often and urgently.

Loss of appetite


You get full after ingesting lesser foods than the size that used to satisfy you.

Frequent constipation

Even after loss of appetite or feeling full sooner, you still experience frequent indigestion; you should see your doctor.

Feeling tired easily


One of the symptoms of cancer is excessive fatigue; needing extra strength to do what you’ve always done with less effort.

Abdominal bloating

If you experience bloating of the belly which lasts for days or probably weeks, it is an indication of something serious.

Abnormal menstrual cycle


A study showed that about 70 percent of ovarian cancer cases occur in women at age 55 or older. When your menstrual cycle starts to change dramatically, visit the doctor.

Back pain/pressure

It could start as pressure but if it persists and degenerates into back pain that can’t be traced to a particular cause; it could be an early sign.

Abdominal/pelvic pain


If you feel pain in your abdomen or pelvic region which is not a result of menstruation, ovulation or other external causes, it could be a sign of the disease.

Excessive hair growth

This is a rare case; some women have

Regular painful sex could be a sign of ovarian cancer. Visit the doctor.

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