Some ladies in Lagos prefer buying fairly used pants and brassieres due to their durability and affordable prices but a dermatologist has warned that the practice leads to skin problems.


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the ladies said they preferred fairly used pants because they last longer than new ones.

Ann Adedeji, who spoke to NAN at Ikotun central market in Lagos, said: “I get more colourful bras and pants that are most times not available in boutiques and at the same time I get value for my money as they are durable.

“You can only get unique bra designs here because the Ikotun Central Market is the main place for fairly used underwear.”


Victoria Adejo, another customer, said she opted for fairly used underwear after she suffered an embarrassing experience with a new underwear.

Adejo explained that the hook of the bra came-off while she was in a meeting and was left in an uncomfortable position all through the meeting.

“Since that incident, I stopped buying panties and bras from boutiques,’’she said.


Oluchi Onwuka, a fairly-used underwear trader in Ikotun market, said the business is profitable and there’s room for growth.

“It is a profitable business and I am growing in it. I have boutique owners who come to buy in bulk; they wash and package them and resell at exorbitant rates and I am aware.”

Damilola Madu, another trader, said second-hand bras hold the breast firmly and the elasticity is retained for a very long time, unlike new ones.

“Used undies are cheaper and last longer than new ones; that is the reason people come for it,” she said.


Commenting on the health implications, Ayoola Adeyemi, a dermatologist, warned against the use of fairly used bras and pants, saying it could cause bacterial infections.

The doctor noted that since the health status of the initial user could not be verified, it would be advisable for individuals to desist from such acts.

“Some bacterial infections could occur when we use fairly used panties because the health history of the initial user was not known.

“Skin rashes, eczema, syphilis and other bacterial infections may occur,” she said.


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