Lawrence Aletile, a Nigerian comedian better known as Seyi Law, has marked his 9th wedding anniversary with Stacey Aletile, his wife.

The showbiz mogul, 36, took to his Instagram handle on Friday to share pictures of himself with his wife and daughter dressed in tracksuits.

He said the Arsenal logo on the blue outfit signifies that, despite challenges and things they’re yet to attain, his family would always count winnings and remain hopeful for a better tomorrow.

“It’s 9 years and we are still counting. She said, ‘I love your confidence on stage’ 13 years ago. I got a yes when I proposed 11 years ago. I almost made her Lord of the rings for 2 years,” he wrote.

“We walked down the aisle exactly 9 years ago. Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to Us. It’s been God through it all. Thanks for sharing our joy always.

“…Despite our losses, the things we are yet to attain, we count our winnings and blessings, hopeful for a better tomorrow and the loyalty to stay with each other.”

Last year, Seyi Law had stated that those who he had trusted the most in his life have been his greatest enemies.

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